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Co-Chairperson: Jermika Kennedy



To Make aware health concerns of the congregation and implement programs that promote healthy lifestyles. 

These women and I ( Sis. Kitty Metze, Sis. Valerie Gist, Sis. Beverly Pollock, Sis. Kelly Sumpter, Sis. Jermika Kennedy) all walked for the GirlTrek organization which is a national organization that encourages Christian Black women and other women to exercise.

The walk started on Oct. 1 to Oct. 9 and each day we focused on one of the Fruits of the Spirit.  The walks helped us not only learn the Fruits of the Spirit, but we also had the opportunity to practice or work on each one on a daily basis.  We enjoyed it so much that some of us are continuing to walk and this was the motivation to continue an exercise regimen.  Not pictured are Rev. Maxine Sumpter, Sis. Alberta Lybrand, and Sis. Stacie Morris.

CPR Training

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