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Co-Chairperson: James Fuller


The duties of the Christian Education Commission is to make a careful study of the Christian education needs of the local church and the means for meeting these needs such as:


  • The correlation of the program of educational agencies for the various age groups;  the recommendation and approval of curricula in harmony with the findings of the curriculum committee and the standards adopted by the Division of Chiristian Education.


  • Supervision of the recruitment, training and assignment of Christian ecucation workers in the local church.


  • Shall see that the Church Schoool, Allen Christian Fellowship , YPD, Missionary members and all their authorized classes, departments and groups are supplied with adeqate and appropriate literature and proper equipment prepared and approved by the vision of Christian Education.


  • Shall see that suitable missionary programs are carried out at stated periods in the entire department of the Church School and Allen Fellowship, cooperating with the YPD.


  • Shall see that appropriate days are observed annually as Church Schooldays, Decision Day, and Promotion Day.


  • Shall cooperate in the proper observance of Easter Day, Children's Day, Allen Jubilee Week, and Christian Education Week as prescribed by the Book of Discipline of the African Methodist Episco[al Church.  These observances include Allen Jubilee Week in February adn September, and Christian Education Week in September.    


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